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Wayland-Ablegatus was established to satisfy the local demand for high quality reasonably priced water sport equipment, as well as to be able to give sports and water loving people the joy of kayaking with an ease and pleasure. We specialise in folding kayaks and offer a wide range of accessories. These folding kayaks offer a wonderful experience on water to sportsman, families, fishermen and all who like to wonder around on lakes, rivers and sea, but it might even be excursions on the ocean.

Why choose a folding kayak? They are lightweight, easy to transport and store and yet provide exceptional performance on sea or river. Modern fabrics provide a hardwearing skin that will resist mechanical and chemical abrasion and provide decades of kayaking. With the addition of a sail rig they can also be sailed. The unique one and two seat kayaks have been inspired by the best folding kayaks on the market. In considering our designs we were looking to marry the best elements of traditional design with modern fabrics and innovation. We have applied our engineering know how to produce kayaks that will match or excell any currently available ones and are in constant dialogue with our customers to make our products even better.  Our confidence in the quality of our kayaks is reflected in the warranty offered by Wayland, as standard – five years for the frame and ten years for the hull.

We have a loyal and growing group of customers. We’d love it if you joined them.