Ursus IV Expedition

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URSUS IV EXPEDITION is a high quality folding kayak assigned to 2-5 persons. In original version it was designed as a foldable for detachments operating from water. However its capability was rapidly noticed as a tourist application. Ursus is recommended for numerous, long-term expeditions. Its construction and overall dimensions enable to take on board lots of equipment. Kayak is packed in three standard backsacks alike double-seater, whereas after folded its overall dimensions ( 6.5x1.1 ) make it more versatile. Ursus is the only worldwide known kayak that being used as double, triple or quadraple seater can be almost limitless loaded by equipment without overload risk. Within such loading it keeps excellent nautical properties. Manufactured Ursus is equipped with two huge airsponsons which make it practically unsinkable and basically protect it from overturn.
All of above mentioned features make it an accomplished alternative solutions for necessity of carrying several smaller kayaks for long distance expeditions e.g numerous expedition or big family.

Standard features:


  • 4 layer hypalon skin with integral airsponsons
  • repair set
  • rudder with rudderlifting line&rudder control device
  • adjustable seats and backrest
  • lifeline
  • packing bags

Accesories on request:

  • sail gear
  • spray cover
  • side motor
  • motor assembly bracket
  • 2-part, 3-position wooden paddle
  • bags for inside expedition kit
  • ball compass
  • transport strips
  • transport kayak cart
  • lifevest

Expedition features:

  • keel strips 4x6 cm or 25+2x6 cm
  • rear loading hatch
  • pockets for paddles, axe, sapper shove
  • external pockets for accessories
  • pockets for PET bottles
  • comfort seats


  • Frame: ash, birch, waterproof plywood
  • Hull: four layers coated, high quality hypalon, DIKLON 32 Marine Line synthetic fabric UV and chemically protected
  • Airsponsons: rubber coated fabric
  • Fittings: corrosion-resistant Dural alloy, stainless steel

Technical parameters:

  • length x width 700 cm x 110 cm
  • payload weight 460 kg
  • max load weight 650 kg
  • packaging: - knapsack 90 x 50 x 40 cm (hull, ribs), - bag 30 x 30 x 150cm (floor)
  • assembly 15-25min
  • crew 2-5 persons


  • frame - 5 years
  • hull - 10 years