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Wayland-Ablegatus is committed to get to our customers innovative, top quality folding kayaks resulting from our producer's research and constant development.  We are here to invite you to discover the wonders of water nature with Folding Kayaks. Take the journey with no limitation, take off and let you be surrounded with crystal blue sea water, the deep green shade of calm lakes and the current of adventurous rivers.

Unfold your imagination, meet the horizon... feel the lightness... the freedom. With folding kayaks you can experience even more, you can feel protected and secure while enjoying amazing flow.



These folding kayaks and all the accessories are created to suit high demands, are constructed for long and hard expedition everywhere in the globe when reliability counts in extremely demanding conditions. These folding kayaks guarantee security in all situations, assure maximum comfort during even longest expeditions. Invented to sail in all kinds of waters: rivers, mountain rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.

You have a chance to enter into a different dimension and never forget that. Be joined with water, be part of it. Unusual and so simple.