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PROXIMO I EXPEDITION Wayland new high quality aluminium frame seakayak - intended for hard expeditions. Elegant appearance and intriguing colors of Proximo make the kayak very special, but the main characteristics are its bow and stern shape. Dural modern frame is easy and quick to assemble. Proximo is extremely quick and very easy to manoeuvre because of its ultra light dural alloy frame.

Wayland offers two kinds of bottom hulls for Proximo. The standard one is made of hypalon, on request we can offer TPU lighter hull especially for the paddlers who can not avoid necessity to carry the boat on long distance during their expeditons. Both materials are UV rays and most chemical substances resistant and proof special durability against mechanical damages.

Duraluminium profiles applied for Proximo’ s frame provide extreme durability and light weight.
Proximo is recommended for the advanced and high skills paddlers looking for memorable adventures.

Technical data

  • length x width: 475 cm x 60 cm
  • cockpit: 75 cm x 45 cm
  • weight: 17 kg with standard hypalon hull (14 kg with TPU hull)
  • payload weight: 150 kg
  • packaging dimensions:
    - knapsack with the possibility of transport on wheels 110 x 45 x 35 cm
  • assembly: 15-20 min
  • crew: 1 paddler


  • frame: duraluminium anodized alloy
  • hull is made of following materials:
    - standard bottom: six layers coated HYPALON produced by PENNEL&FLIPO ORCA DE4527 (1050 g/m2) on request  TPU bottom (850 g/m2)
    - upperdeck: VINIPLAN or DIKLON, water resistant, mold resistant, breathable tissue
  • fittings - DURAL alloys, corrosion resistant, stainless steel
  • airsponsons - PVC

Standard equipment

  • ALU light frame
  • hull with two side airsponsons
  • rudder bracket
  • keelstrips 4x6 cm
  • lifeline with D-rings
  • packing bag / 1-part
  • adjustable seat and backrest
  • carry handles
  • rear loading hatch
  • small front loading hatch
  • spraycover
  • repair set

Hull - Features on request

  • floorkeelstrip 25 + 2x6 cm


  • persenning
  • mapholder
  • rudder&control kit
  • paddle (wood, Alu-PE, carbon)
  • comfort seat
  • bags for inside expedition kit
  • compass housing
  • transport kayak cart
  • transport strips
  • floor protection mat


  • hull: 10 years
  • frame: 10 years