Harpoon I Basic 450cm - one seat touristic kayak


HARPOON I Basic is high quality, advanced folding kayak intended for relatively not very extreme paddling in easy waters. While comparing this kayak with other models, it is easy to notice, that it is faster and easier in maneuvering than the other ones. Moreover, it is comparable in luggage-space to the two-seater one.

As a matter of fact, it was exclusively made of high-quality materials, which guarantee durability in extremely difficult conditions while paddling in various kind of water: rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. The cloth used for upper deck is secure from the impact of UV rays, saltwater and most of chemicals. Three layers of special varnish provide the framework and the wooden equipment with long-lasting protection and durability.



Equipment such as: integral air-tubes, advanced fittings system, adjustable seat assure the user comfort and safety.
Actually, our expeditionary kayaks have been put to the test in extreme conditions of South America and Siberia in the rivers such as: the Amazon, the Rio Beni, Madeira, Siberian Lena or Baltic and they have completed the expedition successfully. We recommend this particular model all those paddlers who want to complete both simple kayak rally on well-known routs. HARPOON is extremely fast.

Technical data

  • length x width: 450 cm x 75 cm
  • cockpit: 118 cm x 40 cm
  • weight: 26 kg
  • payload weight: 265 kg
  • packaging dimensions:
    - knapsack with the possibility of transport on wheels: 130 x 55 x 25 cm
  • assembly: 15-20 min
  • crew: 1 paddler

Standard equipment

  • wooden frame
  • hull with two side airsponsons
  • packing bag / 1-part
  • repair set
  • rudder bracket
  • rudder
  • rudderlifting line
  • adjustable seat and backrest
  • carry handles

Equipment for sailing kayaks

  • sail gear 1.5 m2 freewind with leeboards
  • outrigger on mast
  • outrigger bridge
  • centerboard


  • spraycover
  • persenning
  • mapholder
  • paddle (wood , Alu-PE , carbon)
  • comfort seat
  • motor assembly bracket
  • bags for inside expedition kit
  • compass housing
  • transport kayak cart
  • transport strips
  • packing bags 2 part
  • floor protection mat


  • frame - ash, birch, waterproof plywood
  • the frame is triple varnished with high performance epoxy resin based layers , coloristic of the frame : natural, brown , black
  • hull is made of following materials:
    - bottom: six layers coated HYPALON produced by PENNEL&FLIPO ORCA 866 (1500 g/m2) or ORCA DE4527 (1050 g/m2)
    - upperdeck: DIKLON 32 Marine made by DICKSON CONSTANT, water resistant, mold resistant, breathable acrylic tissue
  • fittings: DURAL alloys , corrosion resistant, stainless steel
  • airsponsons: PVC

Hull - features on request

  • keelstrips 4x6 cm
  • floorkeelstrip 25 +2x6 cm
  • lifeline with D-rings
  • pocket for paddles
  • side pockets for accessories
  • pockets for axe, pocket for shovel
  • pockets for PET bottles
  • rear loading hatch
  • front loading hatch


  • frame - 5 years
  • hull - 10 years